Marvel Spider-Man (PlayStation 4)

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Marvel Spider-Man

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Play as Spider-Man like never before. Peter Parker’s life is beginning to collide with his powerful alter ego and he attempts to balance his career and save thousands of lives in New York City.

Play as one of the most iconic superheroes created as he webs his way through New York City with incredible interaction with the open-world. Swing your way through missions and activities to defeat evil as well as unlock special skills to help with his parkour and combat abilities.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has teamed up with Insomniac Games to create Marvel’s Spider-Man and introduce incredible graphics and elements that haven’t been seen before. There are hours of gameplay to enjoy as you play as Peter Parker and battle the big crime in New York City.

The new adventure features parkour and unique environmental interaction which you can make the most of as you web-sling and wall-crawl your way around with Spider-Man’s acrobatic abilities. The way this superhero interacts with his surroundings and combats evil really is unique but superb!

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1 review for Marvel Spider-Man (PlayStation 4)

  1. Rich Lawson

    Arguably the best PS4 game of this year. Excellent story, focusing on Peter and his relationships outside the costume, tied together with some great web slinging and city swinging. An absolute must own for the PS4

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