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Cult PS3 Serial Killer Naughty Bear Makes Unexpected Dead By Daylight Cameo

Piece of cake.

Once upon a time, for a few weeks at the very least, PlayStation 3 murder-‘em-up Naughty Bear felt like the biggest game in the world. It reviewed poorly and was quickly forgotten, of course, but it’s getting a fresh stint in the limelight as a free Dead by Daylight charm. These function a little bit like keyrings which you can attach to characters as customisation, and why wouldn’t you want to affix the stuffed toy to your survivor (or, indeed, killer’s hooks) for good luck?

The charm comes as part of the release’s fifth anniversary celebrations, and all you need to do is enter the code PIECEOFCAKE into the title’s in-game store to unlock it. You’ll also get a birthday cake charm for your troubles. Behaviour Interactive, the developer of Dead by Daylight, formerly operated under the name Artificial Mind & Movement, and created games like Naughty Bear and the Bethesda published third-person shooter WET.

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