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: Hades (PS5) – Who Knew Escaping Hell Would Be So Heavenly?

Say amen, there he goes again.

Reviewing Hades in 2021 almost feels redundant. The game’s been available on other platforms since September of last year, and has garnered heaps of praise and awards in the months it’s taken to appear on Sony’s systems. You probably already know what we’re going to say about Supergiant’s rogue-lite action game, because we’ve had a year of people falling in love with the darn thing. Still, it’s always nice to try something first hand, and we’d be remiss to skip over this celebrated indie title. We’ve been making our attempts to escape Hell on PlayStation 5, and you know what? The game’s really bloody good.

Let’s wind it all back and start at the start. You play as Zagreus, son of Hades, and he’s sick of his stuffy life in the Underworld. Shunning his princely duties and with contempt for his uncaring father, he decides to leave home and escape to the surface — but to do that, he’ll first have to make it through the four treacherous regions between him and the fresh air above. Of course, his journey will be a tough one, and will involve numerous deaths as he tries again and again to make it that little bit further. Fortunately, being a god of the Underworld, repeatedly dying and returning to his own home isn’t exactly a problem.

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