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: Jett: The Far Shore (PS5) – Atmospheric Sci-Fi Adventure Ultimately Falls Flat

Nasty weather we’re having.

Jett: The Far Shore sets a dramatic and grandiose stage. You play as Mei, one among a team that aims to preserve humanity by following the call of the mysterious “hymnwave” to a new world. The game’s first moments set an emotional and epic tone as you and your group say goodbye to loved ones, climb aboard a ship, and fall into cryogenic sleep for the thousand-year journey to this distant planet. It’s an effective start that sets up an exciting adventure. Unfortunately, like the titular jetts, the game doesn’t ever get far off the ground.

Much of the gameplay seats you inside a jett, a low-altitude, high-speed vessel used to explore and gather intelligence on your new surroundings. While piloting this ship, the camera zooms way out to emphasise the scale of the planet, also affording you a good view of the environment. Moving around in this nimble little thing is good fun; flying so low gives you a decent sense of speed, and manoeuvres like hopping and barrel rolling mean you can (mostly) get about terrain and threats deftly.

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