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: Knockout City (PS4) – Excellent Multiplayer Brawler Is One You Shouldn’t Dodge

Bold strategy pays off.

We’ve already waxed lyrical about Knockout City, but it’s a message worth repeating: this is a fantastic online multiplayer title. This dodge-brawler, a game where deathmatches are played with rubber balls instead of bullets, features some of the most addictive and satisfying multiplayer action since Rocket League. We’ve been having an absolute blast getting to grips with this unique multiplayer experience.

The core concept is a simple one, but developer Velan Studios has turned throwing, catching, and dodging balls into an exciting, competitive digital sport. In each map is a finite number of dodgeballs, and teams vie for possession of these in order to launch attacks on the opposition. You score points by knocking out an enemy with well-placed, well-timed shots. Again, it’s hardly a complex idea, but within that basic framework, you have a tightly designed array of moves and abilities, and it’s how players use these mechanics that give matches such a fun ebb and flow.

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