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Mini Review: Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX (PS4) – Who Thought This Game Needed a Remake?

Not a miracle worker.

Before there was Sonic the Hedgehog, there was Alex Kidd, SEGA’s defacto Master System mascot. Once the blue blur took the spotlight in the ‘90s, Alex’s franchise was left as a relic of an older time, appearing only in a few compilations over the years. That was until a remake of the original game, Miracle World, was announced seemingly out of nowhere.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX is a full remake of the original game on modern platforms with new levels, modes, and accessibility options to make it more appealing to newcomers and veterans alike. The highlight here is easily the presentation. The new graphics and updated music are great, and the world even has some new characters and story beats too. For retro fans, you can toggle between a retro visual mode at any time using R2 and there’s also an unlockable classic mode, which is a complete recreation of the original Master System release.

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