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Mini Review: Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance – A Barebones Re-Release Of A Classic

An expensive nostalgic trip.

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance made a surprise re-release earlier this month, having originally released back in 2001 on the original Xbox. We never played the game back in the day, so this version was a perfect excuse to dive into the classic RPG and see what the fuss was all about. It received positive reviews on its original launch, but does the game sustain the same magic twenty years later? In some regards yes, but it comes with one huge caveat – its price.

The game is essentially an isometric dungeon crawler. It plays in a similar to vein to Diablo III, though being two decades old, not nearly as polished. You begin by picking one of three classes – a dwarven fighter, a human archer, or an elven sorceress. Each plays drastically different to the others, offering a fantastic amount of variety in terms of combat. The story follows you entering the town of Baldur’s Gate, getting into a spot of trouble and uncovering a world ending plot. Y’know, the usual fantasy narrative.

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