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Mini Review: Cotton Reboot! (PS4) – Spooky Cute-‘Em-Up’s an Elaborate and Accessible 2D Shooter

Bless your Cotton shmups.

Even if you’re in the middle of a scorching summer, there are games that remind you of other seasons, and with a story that follows Cotton as a broomstick riding witch, PS4 Cotton Reboot! conjures up images of moonlit autumn nights. It’s Cotton’s sweet tooth, and love of candy wrapped WILLOW, which persuades her over seven stages to awaken the morning light from demons who’ve created eternal darkness — with a setting in this horizontal shmup that’ll be magic during Halloween.

This retro remake’s entrancing Arrange Mode’s 2D visual style is like a cross between the anime charm of Kiki’s Delivery Service with the monster design in Hotel Transylvania, so its kooky spookiness does for cute-’em-ups what Kid Dracula did for cutesy platformers.

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