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Mini Review: Death’s Door (PS5) – Indie Darling Is a Tightly Designed Joy

Open up.

Death’s Door released to rampant critical acclaim on other platforms earlier in the year, and it’s easy to see why. This is a lovingly crafted isometric action-adventure, stacked with engaging exploration, tense action, and a wonderful atmosphere. It draws obvious inspiration from The Legend of Zelda as you journey across an interconnected map, gathering spells and weapons that will help you progress through increasingly dangerous environments.

You play as a Reaper — a small, characterful crow out on their first mission to claim the soul of a powerful creature. Unfortunately, your inaugural quest doesn’t go to plan, and you’re taken under the wing (pardon the pun) of a grizzled old crow who seeks to open the titular and mysterious Death’s Door. This isn’t a story-heavy game, but it’s still stuffed with quirky, memorable characters.

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