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Mini Review: Demon Turf (PS5) – Fresh 3D Platformer Blends Old and New with Style

Speed demon.

In some ways, Demon Turf is quite old-school in design. This is a 3D platformer that wouldn’t be out of place alongside your favourite PS1-era classics, with hub worlds containing numerous levels, collectibles to find, and bosses to beat. However, it evolves the formula with some interesting twists that modernise its gameplay, making it accessible without sacrificing challenge.

Playing as Beebz, a young demon who wants to rule the realm and overthrow the Demon King, you start off with a handful of platforming tricks and slowly build her moveset as you take over each turf. The action is responsive and smooth, and you’ll need to master her abilities as you conquer each level. Stages in a world are beatable in any order, and each one is a challenging obstacle course that has you flipping and zipping all over.

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