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Mini Review: Earth Defense Force: World Brothers (PS4) – Accessible EDF Shines in Super Satisfying Co-Op


We’ve seen several Earth Defense Force games on PS4, but World Brothers isn’t your normal fare. Offering a family friendly spinoff with voxel graphics, this third-person shooter takes us to Square Earth, where we find this world shattered by Dark Tyrant’s forces as several motherships appear, and it’s down to us to restore it. With troops isolated across the world, you must rescue our EDF Brothers and Sisters during missions to recruit them.

World Brothers retains EDF’s core premise: defending Earth from giant insects. Working with teams of four, each unit has special skills plus an ultimate ability, and across 60 missions, your goal is to kill every enemy. While you can play solo, online co-op (sadly, no cross-play) is where EDF truly shines, and taking on hordes is a lot more entertaining with three other players, and two-player local split screen is also available.

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