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Mini Review: Exodemon (PS5) – A Fun By-the-Numbers Throwback Shooter

Jump on it.

Retro shooters have a well-trodden formula these days, so anytime a game sets out to tweak that, the results vacillate between clever and calamitous. Exodemon happens to come down on the side of cleverness, tweaking the process in just the right ways to cleverly mask a small development team while making the experience a fun one.

Whereas the platforming elements of most old-school shooters can be frustrating, this is actually the best asset of Exodemon, with a smattering of jumping puzzles and secrets scattered through its five-hour runtime. While the gunplay is sufficient, the most interesting change to the formula is the game’s interplay between melee and guns. Your arms actually serve as the UI, showing the health and selected weapons on the grotesque monster claws of your unlucky scientist-turned-monster – the titular Exodemon.

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