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Mini Review: Foreclosed (PS5) – Cool Comicbook Framing Can’t Mask Careless Gameplay

Shut it down.

Foreclosed is a story-driven, third-person shooter set in a cyberpunk world where people are augmented with implants at birth. As a result, inhabitants are essentially corporation property as soon as they leave the womb, and this unsettling thought is at the heart of the game’s narrative.

You play as Evan Kapnos, a rather generic protagonist who’s on the brink of having his implants taken away by the powers that be. But there’s a conspiracy at play here, and Evan has unknowingly stepped into a tangled web of corporate espionage and dodgy dealings. Early on, he’s recruited by someone who claims to have answers — but getting to them requires shooting your way through a series of goon-infested levels.

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