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Mini Review: I Saw Black Clouds – Interactive Thriller Won’t Be Winning Any Oscars

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I Saw Black Clouds begins with a warning that tells you that the game features graphic depictions of suicide and then about four seconds later someone commits suicide. The deceased is a troubled girl named Emily and we move swiftly on to her funeral where we’re introduced to Kristina and Charlotte who are determined to get to the bottom of why she did it. We play as Kristina, who is either English or Scottish depending on what scene you’re in.

This is a live action interactive psychological thriller in which real actors do real acting just like in a real movie, only you control the action by making the decisions. In terms of writing, acting, and special effects, I Saw Black Clouds isn’t on a level with something you’d see in the cinema, or even late night on Channel 5, feeling more on a par with an elaborate end of year school play. If you think that’s scant praise then you clearly never came to one of our school plays.

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