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: Mini-Review: Judgment – A Fantastic Yakuza Spin-Off That Looks Better Than Ever On Xbox Series X

I hereby find you, excellent!

Right out of the gate – if you’ve ever been interested in the Yakuza series but turned off by the number of entries, then Judgment is the game for you. It’s a fantastic insight into the world that the franchise has built, but under the guise of a new eye. The game sets itself as a perfect starting point for newcomers, and for those who have grown to love Yakuza over the years it’s a fascinating new tale with a different central protagonist to rally behind. All of this is made even better on the Xbox Series X|S, as Judgment has never looked or played better.

For those who don’t know, the story puts you in the shoes of a former lawyer turned detective, Takayuki Yagami. Following an event three years prior which turned his life upside down, Yagami is now on the hunt for a serial killer in the series’ staple location, Karamucho. Explaining any more would do a disservice to the central mystery that unravels through a number of twists and turns, but just know that each chapter will leave you hooked as you progress.

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