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Mini Review: Kitaria Fables – Charming World Let Down By A Monotonous Grind

Cat got your tongue?

On the surface, Kitaria Fables looks to be a charming mixture of Stardew Valley and Diablo. Blending elements of the iconic farming simulator with the ferocious action of the latter is a great setup. In its initial opening hours, the game demonstrates a perfect blend of the two, delivering a satisfying gameplay loop. But it’s not long before the cracks begin to show and the true grind of the game is revealed.

While the opening hours are fairly slow at introducing new elements, you’ll spend your initial time with Kitaria Fables smashing away at enemies, exploring dungeons and learning new skills. You see, you’ve been sent to protect a small village from monsters by the capital, but it’s not long until you learn more is at play. It’s actually a fairly engaging narrative, despite being aimed at a younger audience. The town’s fluffy inhabitants create a cosy atmosphere that perfectly balances against the game’s darker political themes.

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