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Mini Review: Lost In Random – A Cult Classic In The Making

We’re all mad down here.

Lost in Random feels like the sort of game that would have come out 15 years ago. That’s not to say it feels dated, not at all, but instead it comes from an era where developers took risks with unique and interesting IPs. It’s the sort of game you could imagine stumbling upon in your local video game store with tantalising box art that just begged you to try it, before later finding you’ve fallen in love with it. It’s only years later that it would be a surprise to find nobody you know has heard of the game, let alone played it. That form of cult classic status is hard to achieve, but it’s one we believe Lost in Random may stumble across in years to come.

Everything about the game comes with a Tim Burton feel. Despite this, it always has its own identity, never once feeling like a carbon copy of the director’s past works. The story has you playing as Even, travelling across the world of Random to find Odd, your sister who has been taken by the evil queen. The children in Random are all expected to roll a dice when they reach the age of 12, to determine which of the six lands they’ll belong to. Unfortunately, Even, who is a Oner, isn’t too happy that her sister, a Sixer, has been taken. Not long into the story, you’ll also meet Dicey, a cute companion who joins you along for the ride.

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