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Mini Review: Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 (The Official Video Game) – A Worthy Competitor

Plenty of fun, and nicely polished too.

Whether you should consider picking up the official game of this year’s (well, last year’s) Olympics depends entirely on what you’re looking for out of a game like this. Want a true-to-life, simulation-focused athletics showcase complete with realistic visuals and ten different versions of running events? Stay well away. Want something a bit more arcadey with a pick-up-and-play nature, while still retaining plenty of depth? Keep reading.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 isn’t afraid to differ itself from predecessors like London 2012 and Beijing 2008 on Xbox 360, adopting a more cartoon-like style of presentation and varying up the events massively. The focus is primarily on traditional sports such as baseball, basketball, football, tennis, beach volleyball and even rugby sevens, and the trade-off is that events like the 200m and javelin throw are entirely absent. That’s going to disappoint some people, but it also makes Tokyo 2020 stand out as a unique Olympics experience.

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