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Mini Review: Real Boxing 2 – A Pitifully Poor Punch-Out That Should Have Stayed On Phones

Fright Night.

Boxing games live or die by their gameplay. You can make the visuals look as beautiful as possible, down to the rippling biceps and beads of sweat, but if the punches don’t land right, then the whole experience will suffer as a result. Unfortunately, Real Boxing 2 comes up short with both its visuals and its gameplay, delivering a mobile port that perhaps should have stayed on mobile.

The gameplay borrows a few cues from EA’s dormant Fight Night series, mapping the majority of your boxing moves to the right analogue stick. Move it left or right to swing a hook, up for an uppercut, and down for a body blow. Oddly, standard jabs are mapped to ‘ZR’; this isn’t an issue in itself, but when you’re focused so much on using the analogue stick, it’s easy to forget about throwing any jabs.

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