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Mini Review: Rustler (PS5) – Silly Medieval Sandbox Houses Enjoyable Old-School GTA Clone

Tis but a scratch.

For as iconic as Grand Theft Auto unquestionably is, it often feels like its PS1 origins have been resigned to the past. Titles like Shakedown Hawaii have attempted to recapture Rockstar’s early isometric days, but since the developer’s very own GTA: Chinatown Wars, there’s been a real dearth of top-down open worlds. Rustler is GTA 2 set in medieval times, complete with its own porn parody FMV intro sequence and beat-boxing bards.

This is an eight or so hour adventure that has its tongue so deeply lodged in its cheek it’s in danger of coming out the other side. You play as a non-descript protagonist named Guy who alongside his equally non-descript side-kick Buddy plans to infiltrate the Grand Tournament in an attempt to impress the local damsels. Over the course of the campaign, you’ll plough fields, work as a body collector, and even aid a group of religious zealots who’ve started their own moonshine business.

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