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Mini Review: Song of Horror (PS4) – Scare-Free Horror Is Frighteningly Dull

Sighlent Hill.

Song of Horror begins with Daniel — a former drunkard attempting to escape the financial ruin that the bottle has left him in — taking on an errand for his boss. It’s one of those go-to-a-creepy-house-and-investigate type jobs that any sane individual who has ever seen a horror movie or played Resident Evil before would know to avoid like cholera. Daniel doesn’t see the proverbial iceberg on the horizon, and so it’s not long before he’s captured by a ghost or something.

Daniel has some friends, which is literally incredible because he’s really annoying, but then people like Ed Sheeran, so what can we say? People are idiots. Anyway, these morons take exception to Daniel going AWOL and immediately begin investigating on his behalf.

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