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Mini Review: Star Wars Republic Commando – One of Star Wars’ All-Time Classics Has Still Got It

Initiate radical restructuring, commando.

When Star Wars Republic Commando launched in 2005, it was ahead of its time. It found a perfect balance between the tactical, detail-intensive gameplay of shooters like Rainbow Six and the cinematic bombast of Call of Duty. It nailed this so well, that now, 16 years later, the game holds up shockingly well.

Telling Delta Squad what to do and how to do it feels visceral in a way that many modern shooters aren’t even able to achieve. These commandos are the best of the best, and they act like it. Your AI squadmates – in most games, a nuisance to be coddled – are capable of holding their own, sometimes more effectively than you. This is best personified by the game not ending the second you get taken out. Your squad carries on and finishes the job before picking you back up.

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