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Mini Review: Super Soccer Blast: America VS Europe – Simple But Sloppy Soccer

Boot it.

The heavily delayed Euro 2020 tournament is just around the corner, and football fever is once again permeating the homes of countries worldwide. The Switch has several decent football games, but with EA launching frankly embarrassing yearly ‘legacy’ updates to its FIFA series on Switch, there are certainly gaps in the field for a midfield dynamo or a winning striker. Super Soccer Blast: America vs Europe is a straight-up arcade take on the sport; one that appeals with its overall simplicity, but stumbles when it comes to authenticity and engagement.

The game takes understandable liberties with its team and player roster, including team names like London replacing the more familiar Chelsea F.C, along with completely made up player names in an effort to evade the wrath of UEFA. The roster nevertheless feels fairly limited in scope, and there’s absolutely no option available here to alter your team’s formation, so what you see is what you get.

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