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Mini Review: Terminator: Resistance Enhanced (PS5) – Enhanced Is Pushing It

I’ll be back, without improvements.

2019 saw the release of Terminator: Resistance, a dull FPS that performed poorly and boasted unconvincing character models. This year, Reef Entertainment has released Terminator: Resistance Enhanced on PlayStation 5, complete with additional content, bug fixes, and DualSense features. Unfortunately, much like Judgement Day, it seems that this game’s fate is inevitable, as the new version is as ugly as ever and remains burdened by frustrating performance issues.

The campaign is still generally enjoyable and the story and soundtrack are crafted for the benefit of long-time Terminator fans. However, this version offers a new game feature: Infiltrator Mode. This challenge allows players to take control of a T-800 and wreak havoc on the fleshy resistance. While this sounds great, the mode is indicative of the wider game’s issues: it spontaneously cuts out all sound effects and music, and the character models remain of poor quality.

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