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: Mini-Review: The Big Con – A Charming Xbox Console Exclusive

90s road trip, anyone?

There’s something about the atmosphere of the 90s that just resonates with so many people – even those who weren’t even alive during the time period. From the classic dial-up tone when you connected to the internet to taking home your favourite movie from Blockbuster, it’s a timeless period that many feel nostalgic towards. Now, in comes The Big Con, a game that fully embraces the 90s through its groovy visuals, world-building and narrative, which despite a few missteps, manages to be a devilishly charming little adventure.

The Big Con sees you in the shoes of Ali, a teenager who ventures on a cross country road trip with her newfound friend to raise money and save her mum’s video rental store. It’s a ludicrous premise and one that perhaps doesn’t have room to breathe before you’re thrown from location-to-location, but it’s reminiscent of classic 90s movies such as The Sandlot, which always felt larger than life despite their attempts at being grounded.

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