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Mini Review: The Falconeer: Warrior Edition (PS5) – Bird Is the Word in Fun Flight Sim

Beware, sky hunter, beware.

We’ve always wanted to ride a bird. No, not like that. Grow up. We meant, quite literally, ride on the back of a large avian like something out of The Rescuers Down Under. The Falconeer — making its PlayStation 5 debut after an acclaimed run on Xbox systems — attempts to allow us to live out this bizarre dream with its open-world squawk-’em-up antics.

Missions, in whichever form they take, are surprisingly chilled out. Even all-out assaults on your bird feel somewhat lackadaisical, like the enemy’s heart isn’t quite in it. Barrel roll, circle your foe, shoot them down with your vulcan-like machine-gun. There are escort missions and deliveries as a break from the “murder everyone” norm, but they all essentially amount to anticipating lots of aerial combat.

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