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Mini Review: The Krispy Kreme Xbox Donut – A Series-ly X-cellent Treat

Sooooo good.

It’s here. After months of waiting – the donut to end all other donuts. Krispy Kreme has launched The Nexus Level donut, an Xbox style treat which is sure to tickle your taste buds. As with any big release, we’ve been on the ground day one to check it out, give it a taste, and share our thoughts. While we’re not quite donut connoisseurs, we recognise good food when we try it, and this provided a rollercoaster of emotions for our senses.

Where do we start? Perhaps with the packaging. We picked up a dozen donuts, and The Nexus Level donut rested in the middle, tantalising us with its gorgeous green icing. Unfortunately, the box rubbed some of the initial design away, so if you’re going for presentation, you may want to transport it carefully. Nonetheless, it’s all about how it tastes rather than how it looks, which luckily it delivers in bucket loads.

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