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Netflix Allegedly Plotting Gaming Service, and PlayStation Could Be a Partner

Sony assets discovered in service’s source code.

Netflix appears poised to enter the gaming arena, after it announced earlier this week that it had hired ex-EA executive Mike Verdu to lead its expansion into the lucrative sector. While this could, potentially, be considered yet another headache for market leader PlayStation, it’s possible the Japanese giant could also see an opportunity here – and if images datamined from the streaming service’s app are to be believed, a potential partnership could be afoot.

According to dataminer Steve Moser, there are already video game references within the Netflix app’s source code, including a logo for a service called ‘N Game’, as well as assets for a couple of unbranded DualSense controllers and Ghost of Tsushima’s artwork. These could be errant leftovers from testing, but they’ve certainly fuelled speculation.

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