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Old School Anti-RPG Game Moon Has Been Confirmed for PS5, PS4

No release date yet.

First released on the PlayStation 1 in Japan back in 1997, Moon is described as an “anti-RPG” without any battles. Later inspiring the likes of Undertale, it’s had a cult following for a while, which resulted in a Nintendo Switch release in 2019. The game has now been confirmed to be returning home with a release on PS5 and PS4 at some point in the future.

The PS Store description reads: “Have you ever wondered when you play RPGs? “Why does a hero open a chest of drawers and steal items from a person’s house?” “Why does a hero kill all monsters around the world?” A strange event in the RPG world that everyone feels. In this game, you can experience such a familiar RPG world from a new perspective.” We’ve embedded the Nintendo Switch trailer above so you can attach some sort of visuals to that description.

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