Pixel Rewards

Shopping with us just got better! For every £1 you spend with us*, you’ll receive 2 Pixel Points. Pixel Points mean pounds. Collect 100 Pixels to get £1 off**. That’s £1 off future purchases when you spend with us.

Even better – if you open up an account today, you’ll automatically get 50 Pixel Points!

You also get 10 Pixels Points every time you leave a product review that gets published on this site!

So, for example:

You buy £150 worth of games. That earns you 300 Pixel Points, which gets you £3 off your next purchase*!

This is applicable both online and in store, however, your Pixel Balances aren’t automatically transferable between Online and In Store sales.

If you earn your Pixels online, and you want to use them in-store, or vice versa, you will have to ask for your Pixel balance to be converted (in store, or via our contact form). This will mean that any Pixels that you have earned online will be converted to in store Pixels, or any points you have earned in store, will be converted into online Pixels. You may convert your points up to 4 times per year (Jan – Dec). Please allow up to 72 hours for the conversion to be processed.

* Excludes purchases of New Consoles. Some products may vary in their points calculation. **Pixels are redeemable once your balance is over 100 (£1). Unused Pixels will expire 1 year from the date of your purchase. Pixels are redeemed sequentially, from the point they are earned (first earned is first used). We reserve the right to withhold or close this rewards offer and cancel any associated rewards earned at any time.