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PS5 Indie Title Nour: Play with Your Food Needs a Bit More Time in the Oven

Set timers to early 2022.

Nour: Play with Your Food was announced for PlayStation 5 nearly a year ago, and our collective tummy has been rumbling at the prospect of this appetising culinary playground since. Originally pencilled in for release this summer, developer Terrifying Jellyfish has made the decision to give the game a little more time to cook.

Announced via its Kickstarter page, this unusual game will now be ready for consumption in early 2022, so you’ll have to go hungry for just a little bit longer. The team made the call for a delay “after talking through the state of the game after how much it’s grown”, and says the extra time will ensure it’ll be “as cohesive and polished as we had always planned”. PS5’s DualSense is mentioned specifically: “We really want the PS5 DualSense features to be dope, so that folks who play on that platform will be able to really feel the game as they play it,” the update reads. “A food game just makes sense to have extra care put into its controller haptics!”

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