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PS5’s Destruction AllStars Cranks Up the Carnage with Gameplay Changes

Developer reinvents the wheel.

Destruction AllStars’ minuscule – but dedicated – community has been eager to know just what Lucid Games is playing at with the vehicular combat title, after it quietly extended Season One and then failed to provide any meaningful updates. The answer is that it’s been reimagining the gameplay a little bit, as it seeks to increase the “fun factor” of its PlayStation 5 exclusive.

There are a few changes – explained in more detail on the PS Blog, of course – but they boil down to better net code, reduced cooldowns, and smaller maps. The revised arenas will rollout in a few weeks, while the other changes are live now. The aforementioned net code improvements will help with latency, thus reducing “ghost hits”, which occur when players lose health despite not seeing contact.

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