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Random: Even The Director Of PlayStation’s God Of War Is Excited For Halo Infinite

Us too, Cory. Us too…

Gaming is at its best when everyone comes together. No console wars, no rivalries, just everyone appreciating and enjoying games across all platforms. While we do specialise in Xbox news, that doesn’t mean we’re opposed to playing on other systems. In fact, we own quite a few others ourselves. But of course, brand loyalties exist, so seeing the director of PlayStation’s esteemed God of War series excited for Halo Infinite is a refreshing sight.

Cory Barlog, the mind behind the recent God of War reboot on PlayStation 4, shared his purchase of an Xbox Series X on Twitter. Not only that, but Barlog added that he’s “waiting” for Halo Infinite. Of course, the official Xbox Twitter account couldn’t resist throwing a cheeky reply back, adding: “Aren’t we all.”

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