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: Returnal (PS5) – Housemarque’s Deep, Dark Shooter Is a PS5 Must Have

Selene Die On.

Returnal is a much, much bigger game than you think it is. For all the noise surrounding the game’s price point, Housemarque has produced its largest, most ambitious project by a country mile. This isn’t a small scale title with a premium cost; the studio has made something on a whole new level. There’s an awful lot of game here, and if you’re a fan of rogue-likes, arcade shooters, or both, this delivers big time.

The game takes place on Atropos, a mysterious, uncharted planet where space scout Selene, the protagonist, finds herself stuck in a never-ending cycle. After a crash landing wrecks her ship, Helios, she begins to explore her surroundings, on the trail of an unknown signal called White Shadow. The trouble is, whenever she dies, she finds herself back at the crash site, and the planet’s terrain changes every time.

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