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Review: Alan Wake Remastered – Remedy’s Cult Classic Still Holds Up

Wake up, Alan.

When Alan Wake first launched back in 2010, it had the unfortunate task of going up against Red Dead Redemption. The initial batch of people jumping into the game was small, but thankfully over the years, it’s gained a cult following via word of mouth. Fast forward to today and developer Remedy Entertainment is working on bringing a connected universe to fans, gathering games such as Control and Alan Wake into one shared franchise. As a result, Alan Wake Remastered has arrived in the hopes of garnering a wider audience, and absolutely succeeds at brushing up this classic horror title.

The story of Alan Wake sees the titular character taking a vacation with his wife Alice, in an attempt to break out of a period of writer’s block the successful author is facing. What transpires is a horror-fuelled adventure, as Wake’s upcoming book – that he can’t remember writing – appears to be coming to life before his very eyes. The game merges survival horror elements from titles such as Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark, whilst also sprinkling some horror iconic film influences, including sequences reminiscent of The Shining. For anyone who has grown up reading Stephen King novels, the story of Alan Wake will resonate massively.

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