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Review: Astria Ascending – A Solid JRPG Salvaged With The Help Of Final Fantasy Veterans

Second time’s the charm.

In late 2015, a new game came to iOS called Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey, offering up a reasonably high-quality classic JRPG experience. Though it was originally slated to arrive in some form on the PlayStation consoles of the time, this console project never got off the ground and was subsequently cancelled. Now, that project has been revived by Super Neptunia RPG developer Artisan Studio and reimagined for modern consoles as Astria Ascending. This reworked version essentially deconstructs the original release and rebuilds it in a way that feels more in line with typical RPGs. Some may be wary of the mobile game origins here, but we’re happy to report that this feels like a quality, feature-complete JRPG that you should give a fair shot.

Astria Ascending takes place in the land of Orcanon, wherein you play as an ensemble cast of demigods called “The Fated Eight”. See, in Orcanon, the world is largely at peace because of a magical fruit called Harmelon that causes people to live in harmony with each other, but things naturally don’t always go according to plan, which is what the demigods are for. Each of them represents one of the eight main races that live in Orcanon, and being a demigod brings with it great power and prestige, but there’s a slight catch: after three years, all the demigods die and are replaced by another eight that make up the next class.

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