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Review: Back 4 Blood (PS5) – Raising a Co-Op Classic from the Dead

Right 4 Dead.

This isn’t Left 4 Dead 3. But it is Left 4 Dead 3. But it’s Back 4 Blood. Four survivors blast through a co-op campaign split into various acts, with safe rooms acting as checkpoints. Most of the Ridden (this game’s choice of colourful pseudonym for the z-word) are your basic fodder, though when they appear in larger numbers things can get a little more hairy. Besides these practice targets, though, you’ve got Special Ridden to give you and your squad a much harder time; creatures like the Tallboy, Reeker, Crusher, and the fearsome, enormous Ogre – among many, many others to mix things up.

If you’ve played Left 4 Dead, you’ve played Back 4 Blood, and that’s not a bad thing because the Valve classic (and its sequel, of course) are beloved for a reason. Gunplay here is snappy and satisfying, with meaty sound effects and absolutely spectacular gore. Level design is strong, too, but it’s the encounters with hordes of zombies that make the game what it is and while we often felt overwhelmed, we never felt like Back 4 Blood was presenting us with impossible odds.

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