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Review: Beautiful Desolation – Good Ideas Lost Down Obscure Pathways

Possibly the most aptly-named game ever.

At first, we assumed that Beautiful Desolation was some kind of lost late-nineties PC game. Its isometric perspective and visually spectacular pre-rendered scenes immediately called the likes of the original Fallout and Planescape: Torment to mind, and this comparison was cemented with the user interface, voice acting and cutscenes. Unfortunately Beautiful Desolation hasn’t seen fit to bring over the world-class storytelling or gameplay from its forebears, opting instead for a confusing and somewhat frustrating mess of a port.

You see, in its original PC incarnation, Beautiful Desolation was a point-and-click adventure with pre-rendered backgrounds, rather akin to 1999 classic The Longest Journey. Here, though, on Switch, it has switched over to direct control of the protagonist. And, to be completely forthright, it doesn’t work. At all. Your character changes speed and direction depending on their original pathfinding, which made sense when getting around was a simpler matter of clicking on where you want to go and watching the character move there, but not here. The correct path is often somewhat obtuse when presented in this way,

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