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Review: Biomutant – An Ambitious Game Weighed Down By Its Own Ideas

A missed opportunity.

There was a moment ten hours into Biomutant where I had to pause and collect my thoughts. Not because the game was particularly challenging or intense, but from the overwhelming amount of systems being thrown at me. The marketing up until its release has heavily focused on the creativity inside the game, and its definitely there, more often than not buckling under the pressure of its own ideas. It can be headache-inducingly convoluted, but hey, at least it looks pretty.

Kicking off Biomutant is a fantastic character creator. It’s simple, intuitive, and gives you a sense that no two player’s characters will be the same. You’ll choose from a host of species, customise your appearance, and provide your character with some skills. It’s deep, but not overly complex as to deter new players. As your adventure begins, you’re thrust into a post apocalyptic world run by mutated animals on a quest to save the Tree of Life from being polluted by a mysterious substance. Throughout your quest you’ll side with various tribes, make choices, and fight a variety of bosses that reside over each root of the tree to save the day.

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