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Review: Cotton Reboot! – The Wonderfully Playable “Cute ‘Em Up” Is Resurrected For Switch

Bullets and Broomsticks.

Witches and shoot ’em ups have proven to be an enduring alchemy for gaming’s prevailing niche, with the likes of Magical Chase, Gunbird, Deathsmiles and Trouble Witches casting a spell of bullet patterns over several generations of gamer.

Success Corp. released Magical Night Dreams Cotton in 1991. One of the earliest examples of the “witch ’em up” and an IP that would go on to have a surprisingly long shelf life, the series has appeared on a host of different consoles. Sharp’s X68000 computer was first to receive an arcade port, followed by the PC Engine and PlayStation. The Super Famicom and Sega Saturn were privy to original, increasingly visually impressive 2D titles, while The Mega Drive and Dreamcast adapted the format into a 3D rail-shooter mini-series of two. The last Cotton game appeared on SNK’s ill-fated Neo Geo Pocket handheld, the only shmup in the console’s library.

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