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Review: Demon Turf – Solid Platformer Let Down By Lacklustre Combat

It’s good to be bad.

When publisher Playtonic Friends was founded and one of the first titles revealed to be released under its banner was Demon Turf, it was clear the company saw something in it. After spending the last few weeks with it, it’s clear the game is a fine-tuned platformer, inspired by genre classics such as Banjo-Kazooie and Super Mario 64. But while its running and jumping are as polished as expected, it falls into some hurdles when it comes to combat and performance.

From a plot standpoint, there’s not much to Demon Turf – and that’s fine! No one is here for an Oscar-winning story. Instead, players want solid, tight platforming across a variety of stages, inspired by the 90s renaissance of the genre. If that’s what you want, you’re in luck, as the game prioritises its gameplay above anything else and is complemented by some stellar level design. A hub world breaks off into smaller, bite-sized stages and your complex move set makes traversal an absolute blast.

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