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Review: Diablo 2: Resurrected (PS5) – This 21-Year Belated Console Debut Still Impresses

From Hell with love.

The loot game effect is a creeping obsession with which we all must contend once in a while. Click. Click. Click. Just a few more enemies. Click. Click. Click. Maybe one more dungeon. Click. Click. Click. Might as well run through the entire game again just once more. Click. You get it. You’ve played games like this, possibly even its follow-up and predecessor, the still-marvellous Diablo 3.

Now here’s its much-heralded and illustrious forebear, surprisingly titled Diablo 2 — resurrected and remastered, no less. And the clicks above have been replaced, of course, with taps. Or thumbs, or pushes, or presses, or whatever onomatopoeia you like to use for hitting buttons — since that’s the lion’s share of what you’ll be doing here. Approaching monsters, then hitting buttons. Hitting them so they fall down and grant you XP. Blasting them with magic. You already know; we’ve all trodden this territory before. Figuratively or quite literally, if you’ve played the original game on PC.

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