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Review: FIFA 22 (XSX) – FIFA’s Best Outing On The Pitch In Years

An impressive year for the footie behemoth.

Last year’s FIFA 21 was the series’ first outing on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and while it proved a sizeable jump up from the Xbox One version in the visual department, there weren’t too many comparisons to make from a gameplay perspective. FIFA 22, however, is marketing its next-gen version around something called Hypermotion Technology, and the result is a markedly improved experience on the pitch.

In a nutshell, the best thing we can say about this year’s FIFA is that it plays a very good game of football. Not just good, but more authentic as well. It’s less about constant end-to-end goal fests and spamming ridiculous skill moves, and more about possession-based build-ups and actually having to think more strategically about how to break your opponent down, rather than just exploiting a batch of unrealistic mechanics.

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