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Review: Godstrike – A Frustrating Time Mechanic Scuppers This Twin Stick Shooter

Not quite god-tier.

A little over a year ago, a new bullet hell game called Profane released on the eShop and was swept away almost immediately in the constant stream of other new titles. Due to disputes with the publisher, Overpowered Team decided to have the game taken off the eShop a few months later, while it worked on re-releasing a new version that the studio had more control over. That re-release has now launched as Godstrike and… we wish we could say it was worth the wait. Unfortunately, the final product is rather underwhelming.

Godstrike’s narrative is kept relatively simple. It tells a tale about a civilization of people that benefit from the power granted to them by magical masks from their unnamed god. Of course, it doesn’t take long for power to corrupt, and one of the mask owners decides to start consuming other masks and spreading chaos throughout the land. The people successfully seal the monstrosity away in a temple, but the passage of time allows the evil mask to grow in power again, so it’s up to your hero and their mask to fight into the depths and restore peace to the land once and for all.

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