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Review: Hitman 3 – A Fitting End To A Magnificent Trilogy

47th Heaven.

The final entry in IO Interactive’s incredible World of Assassination trilogy, Hitman 3 sees everyone’s favourite follicly challenged freak return for one more round of slick and addictive assassination action, and what a way to wind up Agent 47’s story this is. From its glitzy, glamourous opening in a Dubai skyscraper, a fully-fledged whodunnit murder mystery in a labyrinthian Dartmoor mansion and a thrillingly tense ten spy stand-off at an illegal Berlin rave, Hitman 3 just keeps on posting up perfect headshots with a series of spectacular missions that make for the most immediately enjoyable entry in this dazzling series thus far.

While Hitman 3 absolutely retains the almost endless replayability and inventiveness of its predecessors, it’s also apparent that IO Interactive has decided to reign in the wild intricacy of some of their previous sandbox playgrounds at times here in order to focus just that little bit more on the resolution of a narrative which, let’s face it, has never been the series’ biggest attraction. There are occasions in this outing where more linear, scripted elements channel you through points of the odd level, the whole thing feels leaner and zippier and, while this narrative drive does ultimately lead to an almost on-rails final mission that left us a tad disappointed, for the majority of the time it gives this final entry a real sense of immediacy and momentum.

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