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Review: Little Nightmares 2 – Bigger And Bolder Than Its Predecessor

Beware! You’re in for a scare!

We play games for escapism – especially in today’s global situation. The art of losing ourselves in a world far different from our own, no matter how horrifying, provides us with a reprieve. Little Nightmares II is built around that idea and deploys its theme of escapism both literally and metaphorically. The result? A sequel which is bigger and grander than its processor.

Narratively, the story picks up after the events of Little Nightmares, but places you in the shoes of a new protagonist, Mono, who scurries around the game’s environments with a brown paper bag on their head. Is it to hide their identity? Or maybe to escape the horrors in the world surrounding them? The ambiguity of it all allows you to pull as much from Little Nightmares II as you wish to put in. Sure, you can simply view it as a standard puzzle platformer, but scratch beneath the surface and you can begin distinguishing meanings across the world’s terrifying landscape.

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