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Review: Mundaun – A Rich, Sepia-Toned First-Person Horror Show

There’s evil resident in this village.

Take our advice: if you ever receive a suspiciously detail-light missive informing you that a loved one has passed away and urging you not to return to your home village, trust us on this one – just let it lie as advised. Let them lie, we suppose, because no good has ever come from going to a village, as recent horror games (and, let’s face it, real life) are a testament towards. It’s quite understandable, then, that we met Mundaun’s opening correspondence — informing its protagonist of his grandfather’s death — with quite some scepticism, which turned out to be well-founded.

See, Mundaun is a first-person horror game that sees you investigating the aforementioned suspicious death, returning to the titular village in order to investigate, which is exactly what we said not to do!! Said investigation takes the form of exploring, finding items, solving puzzles and occasionally poking a pitchfork at a screeching humanoid bale of hay. The usual, then.

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