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Review: NBA 2K21 Next-Gen – A Surprisingly Feature-Packed Upgrade For Series X

A net gain on next-gen.

It’s an unwritten rule of next-gen gaming that a console must launch alongside at least one sports game, and that everyone must fawn over how it’s the best that sport has ever looked in video game form, but then acknowledge that the race to get it on next-gen invariably means modes have had to be dropped in the process.

The general rule of thumb, then, is that you buy the launch game for the visual splendour, but with the understanding that next year’s update will be the ‘real’ one with all the features put back in. Madden NFL 06, FIFA 06, we’re looking at you. NBA 2K21, thankfully, bucks this trend to an extent. It may not necessarily be the revolutionary reworking of the game some fans have been hoping for, but it at least adds one or two new features and modes not seen in the current-gen version released back in September.

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