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Review: Outriders – People Can Fly’s Looter Shooter Soars Into Action

Riders on the Storm.

People Can Fly’s Outriders does not, we think it’s fair to say, get off to the grandest of starts. Kicking off with a prologue that showcases all of its weakest elements at once – the janky cutscenes, buggy facial animations and duff dialogue, it’s an introduction to a brand new IP that had us pretty worried if we’re being perfectly honest. However, ride this brief rough patch out, let the characters and story settle into their groove and the glorious combat take centre stage, and you’ll find yourself rewarded with one of the very best looter shooters of recent years, a fiendishly addictive, challenging and inventive action RPG that we just cannot get enough of.

Outriders kicks off with the remnants of the human race touching down on the planet Enoch having left a disaster-stricken Earth aboard the enormous colony ship Flores. You assume the role of an Outrider, a soldier charged with leading the way into uncharted territory, hand-picked to scout and secure a new home for humanity. Of course, within moments of touching down on Enoch, everything goes entirely wrong. An enormous electrical storm, known as the Anomaly, rolls in and devastates the very first makeshift human camp while the ECA (Enoch Colonization Authority) attempts to contain the situation by eradicating any and all witnesses, including the Outriders themselves. Injured in the ensuing chaos and imbued with strange powers by contact with the Anomaly, you’re put into cryo-statis and left to slumber for some thirty years, finally awakening to a planet in chaos, one you must set to rights using the altered powers you now possess.

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