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Review: Psychonauts 2 – Bigger, Better And Crazier, Another GOTY Contender

Absolutely mental.

Replaying the first Psychonauts this year felt as though we’d slipped back into our younger selves, sat in front of the TV on a Saturday morning watching cartoons. It has such a wonderful atmosphere, with characters we love, a world that’s a delight to explore, and a beautiful insight into mental health that’s portrayed with ease. With it being such a cult classic, a sequel was always a daring move. Could it live up to the lofty expectations for fans of the original? By comparison, Psychonauts 2 feels like the big-screen adaptation of a Saturday morning cartoon, but one that never loses the heart and spirit of the original. Simply put, it’s a masterpiece.

The story of Psychonauts 2 takes place literal days after the first game and moments after its lesser-known VR game, Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin. While an introductory video brings you up to speed, anyone who hasn’t dived into the first two games may feel a little out of sorts. The larger than life characters, the tone and the narrative may take a while to adjust to, but once you know your Sasha Nein from your Caligosto Loboto, you’ll feel right at home. For fans of the original, it will feel as though you’ve met up with old friends that never left.

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